How to Wean the Pacifier- the easy way

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There are several ways parents can wean the pacifier:

  1. Cold Turkey 
  2. Trade for toys
  3. The “Pacifier Fairy” method

There are pros and cons with each method, but after years of  practice, I have found the pacifier fairy method to be the quickest and easiest way for parents to wean the pacifier.

I have recently written two books on the subject each available on  The first is the parents’ version outlining reasons to wean the pacifier and the various methods a parent can accomplish the goal of kicking the binky habit. The book is called, “Wean the Pacifier”, by jill Roberson MD. Purchase it here:

Then there is my favorite, a children’s book I recently published called, Little ChiChi Meets the Pacifier Fairy”.  Your toddler will love it and reading this story to your child will help with the weaning process. 

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If you enjoy these books, be sure to take the time to write a review on Amazon!

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