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(How to Stop) a Trained Night Feeder

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New Baby: Days and Nights Mixed Up

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There are many times when new parents come in to the office for the first well baby check up after being discharged from the Newborn Nursery and they are bleary-eyed and appear very exhausted.  Upon questioning, it seems the baby is sleeping really well during the day, but is up all night either crying or just in a state of alert well being.

Some babies have what is commonly referred to as ” days and nights mixed up”.  There are some very simple techniques to turn the baby’s clock back to a better schedule.

During daylight hours, touch the infant every two hours whether she is asleep or awake.  If she is sleeping you want to awaken her.  She does not need to be fully awake,  just enough to get her out of that deep REM sleep.  Continue to touch her every two hours during daylight for 2 days.  Of course at night, refrain from awakening the baby.  After 2 days, the infant should be sleeping better during the night time hours.

Remember, infants less than 3 months of age cannot  be expected to sleep through the night quite yet.

Obesity Risk due to Sleep Deprivation in Infancy

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A recent study published in the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine  the sleep patterns of almost 2000 kids from newborn to adolescence.  The groups were divided from newborn to  four years and from 5 years to 13 years.  The study groups were followed for five years.  In the younger group, thirty three percent were noted to be overweight or obese.  Poor nighttime sleep in the younger group increased obesity risk by 80%.  Napping during the day did not help decrease the risk of obesity later.

This is quite an eye-opening bit of information.  It just goes to show that good sleepy- sleepy night-night routines early in life are very important.  Remember the tips about getting your baby to sleep.

1. Have a consistent routine.  It does not matter what the routine, dinner, bath and singing songs, but  do it every night.

2.  Place the baby in the crib while still drowsy.  It is scary to wake up in a different place than where you fell asleep.

3.  Be careful about trained night feeding.  Remember that after 4 months of age, most babies do not have to eat every two hours.

My best advice is not to freak out about this information if your baby is difficult to get sleeping through the night.  Just do your best to be consistent with a nighttime routine and remain calm.  Babies pick up on stress in their parents.

Send a comment or video about your night time routine.

Babies Sleeping Through the Night

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Babies sleeping through the night….the holy grail of parenting.  It’s a subject that comes up  almost daily for me.  I have always advised parents that an infant less than 4 months does not have the developmental capacity to soothe themselves enough to sleep through the night.  A  recently published study proves me wrong!   This study reveals babies can sleep through the night by 3 months of age. Sleeping through the night is defined as sleeping from 10pm to 6 am in this study.  How can you get to that point?

Here are a few tips to help your little boo bear sleep from 10pm to 6 am.

1.  Start preparing  from the time you bring the baby home from the nursery. You want to have a consistent routine for bedtime.  Some people advise bath, bottle and bed.  Whatever the routine, do it every night. 

2. Turn off the TV.  Television has been shown to be a consistent problem in sleep disturbances in all age groups.  Some researchers have found problems with brain development in infants who just hear television as a background noise.  Just turn it off  at least one hour before bedtime target.

3. Use music.  Whether you sing or play music, sing the same songs every night before bedtime.  Remember our consistent rule.

4. Put the infant in the bassinet or crib while drowsy, but not asleep. Imagine if you fell asleep in your bed but woke up on the kitchen table.  Scary!  If she falls asleep in your arms and wakes up in the crib…scary!

Getting your baby to sleep through the night is all about planning ahead and being consistent.  You can do it!  What I have recognized in my years of watching my patients grow up is babies who do not sleep well typically turn out to be brilliant.