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Infant Colic: Treatment with Fennel Seed Extract

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The cause of infant colic has eluded pediatricians over history.  Since we do not know the etiology of infant colic, the treatment still eludes us as well.  A recent review in the official Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics revealed there may be some promise in using fennel seed extract for the treatment of infant colic.

Over the years, research  on treatment of infant colic has been suggestive of several therapies which may be beneficial in the treatment of colic.    The recent article in Pediatrics is a review of fifteen different studies looking at treatment options for infant colic.  Hopefully, the etiology of colic will soon present itself and treatment options will be clear to us.  In the meantime, fennel seed extract may be a good option.

(Colic Treatment): Probiotics

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