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Introducing Sippy Cup

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Introducing sippy cup time!  Fun!  Introduction of the sippy cup is another exciting milestone for parent and infant.  There are no “rules”, but  there a re a few tips parents in my practice find helpful.

1.  Some of those cups make it very difficult to drink the liquid.  The valve requires too much suction.  One solution is to remove the valve, but that makes for a very fast flow and usually a mess.  My best advice is to get a cup without the valve.

2.  Just put water in the cup.  Up until this point, the baby probably has not had a chance to drink water much.  The new substance is very interesting to the toddler since it is novel and it does not make a mess if spilled.

3.  The best time for introduction to the sippy cup is when the baby can sit up by herself.  When the baby is sitting up without toppling over, usually around seven months of age, it is an opportune time to start practicing using a sippy cup.  Our goal is to become adept at drinking for the cup in order to make  the transition from bottle to cup easier.  Of course, this transition from the bottle will not happen until twelve months of age.

As always, plan ahead for this new endeavor of introduction to the cup.  Have in mind a good starting time, such as upon mastery of sitting.  Be prepared with a few different types of cup and think about the best liquid to use in the introduction.  Water is a great choice.