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Baby Falls off the Bed

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The number one cause of injury  from birth to four months of age is when the baby falls off the bed, or changing table, or sofa, etc.  Most of the time, thank goodness, the baby is resilient and can with stand the fall.  However, I have seen more fractured skulls in infants than I would care to.

Here are a few reminders to keep baby safe.

1. Remember my mantra.  “Never trust a newborn.”  Those little guys can just launch themselves.  They can launch themselves off beds, out of car seats, you name it.  Do not  leave them on the bed or sofa unattended.  They will catapult themselves across the room.

2. Be careful when handling the infant carrier.  I have seen several handle failures causing severe injury. 

3. Do not leave the infant in the car seat without strapping the harness.  I have witnessed a baby launch himself out of a car seat which was placed on a table in a restaurant.

4.  Holdiays are coming.  Everyone will eat at Grandma’s and the new grandbaby will be left to nap on the bed in the guest room surrounded by pillows.  Yikes!  Take a portable crib or bassinet to Grandma’s or you may be watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade in the ER waiting room.

5.  Just use common sense.  Now that you know the most common source of injury, just avoid  placing the baby on an elevated area when your back is turned.

The most common cause of injury in birth to 4 month old babies is falling off furniture.  It just takes planning and common sense to avoid some really scary incidents.