We have been patients of Dr. Roberson for 9 years with our four children. In so many instances she has gone out of her way to help us with medical issues and always makes us feel as if our health is important to her and her staff. We trust her and are fortunate to have met her - she is thorough and gives you all of the options, respecting your decisions for treating your children.

Dr. Robertson has a deep knowledge of keeping children healthy. She knows her patients and their parents well and shows respect to the healthy choices that they make for their children. Knowing that we as a family try to stay as natural as possible with health care, Dr. Robertson always has a natural solution for us. Not only is her knowledge-base about the health of children deep and extensive, she has a caring touch that that lets everyone know that she has your child's best interest at heart.
Amanda T.

My daughter is a patient at Premier Pediatrics and has been since the day she was born. She is now 8 years old. As a mom it is very important to me to have a doctor who truly cares about my child and is willing to listen to my concerns. Dr. Jill Roberson has far exceeded my expectations. She is compassionate and never enters the exam room without a smile on her face. My daughter has ADHD. So many times these children are pushed aside because it is such a difficult condition to treat and understand, for everyone involved. Never have I felt this way with Dr. Jill. She has provided nothing but exceptional care and understanding to me and my daughter. We thank God for her and are happy to have her in our lives.
Tennille F. McGaw

When I think about the type of pediatrician I would like for my children, I think of one that take my mothers "gut feelings" about my child seriously. Looking at the situation, while listening to my heart, knowing that I know my child better than anyone else. I think of a pediatrician that has numerous tricks in his or her pocket, if you will. Causing them to look at an illness from all different angles, and in turn, coming up with the best solution for whatever is ailing my child. I think of a pediatrician that is friendly, sorry that my kids are sick but acting genuinely glad to see us. These are just a few of the reasons I LOVE Dr. Jill and staff at Premier Pediatrics. I have complete trust in her knowledge and care for my children. She goes the extra mile for them and that makes this mamas heart happy.

Being a first time parent creates a lot of uncertainty and anxiety; Dr. Roberson’s depth of knowledge, thoughtfulness, professionalism, compassion and patience with us and our son makes us feel confident we made an excellent decision in choosing Premier Pediatrics.
James McNeill

Dr. Roberson has a great balance of providing excellent medical care while enabling and educating me as a parent on natural and environmental ways to complement the treatment plan and promote better overall health in my children. As a mother of five, I'm always looking for things I can do to help my children be healthy and avoid being sick as much as possible. I'm always impressed with how much research she does on children's health topics and how up to date she is on new medical studies and treatments. It makes me feel secure that my children are getting the best medical care available. She is the best pediatrician my children have had in my 17 years of parenting!
Amy Boothe