Are Vaccines Safe?

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“Are vaccines safe?”  is a typical question asked of me on a dilay basis.  If you follow my blog, you may have noticed my reluctance to discuss the issue of vaccines.  My avoidance of the subject is not due to my belief in the benefits of vaccines, but due to the emotion surrounding the controversy.

I find it ironic that just the other day, an organization called my office with a new program  they are “pitching” to all North Carolina Pediatricians.  This organization wants our offices to collect a donation from parents in order to pay for vaccines for children in third world countries.  Just ironic.

To answer the question, “Are vaccines safe?”:  You should be reassured there is rigorous testing of vaccines by the Food and Drug Administration.  Yes, vaccines are safe.

As with any medical management, there can be side effects.  The benefits far outweigh the risks.  My career spans the the introduction of many of the vaccines.  For one thing, I am so thankful for the HiB vaccine.  So much disease and mortality has been prevented by this vaccine.

There it is.  I have officially thrown my hat into the ring on the side of vaccinations for children.

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